glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse
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glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse

One thing that I loved about my house when we bought it three years ago was the greenhouse in the yard. I knew that it needed a lot of work, but knew that I would eventually get around to making the repairs and would have a wonderful greenhouse to spend my free time in. I had to do some research to find out about replacing the glass panels that had been broken over the years. I wanted to be sure that the glass I was installing wasn't going to stop the sun's nutrients from reaching the plants and that the glass would be durable and last for many years. If you are building or repairing a greenhouse, visit through my blog to learn all about the glass that should be used.


glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse

3 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Invest In Impact Resistant Windows

Vicente Morales

Replacing the windows in your home is a big decision, as well as a financial investment. If you're going to spend the money to get new windows throughout your house, it is important to choose the right ones. There are many types of residential windows available, but many homeowners opt for impact resistant windows when they decide to upgrade. Impact resistant windows have extremely strong frames, and the glass is laminated and then glazed with silicone so it will not shatter. Some of the top reasons it makes sense to invest in impact resistant windows include:

Protection from Severe Weather

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or very severe thunderstorms, impact resistant windows are an excellent choice. During extreme weather there can be very strong winds, as well as flying debris. When you have impact resistant windows, you home is much less likely to experience any damage during inclement weather. Most people find that impact resistant windows are much more convenient than storm shutters, since once they are installed they will provide protection, unlike storm shutters that need to be attached to the windows ahead of a bad storm.

Make Your Home More Secure

In a perfect world you would never have to worry about intruders trying to break into your home, but unfortunately, that is not the case in reality. When you want to increase your home's security, opting for impact resistant windows is a wise choice. Since these types of windows have specially treated glass, they can't easily be broken by someone who is trying to gain access to your home. The glass will not shatter, and anyone trying to break into your house will most likely give up since impact resistant windows are so strong.

Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums

Homeowners insurance premiums are based on how much of a risk the insurance company feels it is to insure your home. If the insurance company has reason to believe that you may have multiple claims during the time you own your home, they will charge you more. No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on insurance, but installing impact resistant windows is a great way to qualify for a discount and lower your insurance premiums. Your home will be considered a lower risk, since your new windows will protect the house from bad weather while also reducing the chance of a break in and burglary.