glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse
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glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse

One thing that I loved about my house when we bought it three years ago was the greenhouse in the yard. I knew that it needed a lot of work, but knew that I would eventually get around to making the repairs and would have a wonderful greenhouse to spend my free time in. I had to do some research to find out about replacing the glass panels that had been broken over the years. I wanted to be sure that the glass I was installing wasn't going to stop the sun's nutrients from reaching the plants and that the glass would be durable and last for many years. If you are building or repairing a greenhouse, visit through my blog to learn all about the glass that should be used.


glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse

Using One-Way Glass In Your Home: How Glass Installation Experts Can Help

Vicente Morales

It is uncommon to utilize one-way glass in your home. However, if installed correctly, you can prevent neighbors and passers-by from looking in while you can still look out. Since glass installation of this type is so unusual, you will need the help of glass installation experts. Here is how the glass experts can help.

Glass Experts Can Locate and Purchase the Glass

Once you give the glass experts the measurements for your windows and/or doors, the experts can look for and purchase the glass. Usually, companies that create one-way glass do so with the intent of selling this specialty glass to police stations and government organizations. Since it would be difficult for you to find the one-way glass on your own and potentially more difficult to purchase it without a contractor's license, this part is best left to the glass experts and glass contractors.

Glass Experts That Are Also Window and Door Contractors

If the glass expert you hired can also fabricate windows using the one-way glass, then they can construct your windows and doors for you. You would not have to hire another contractor to frame the one-way glass prior to installation. The contractor would make sure that the one-way glass is installed into the window and door frames the right way, too. The whole purpose behind purchasing one-way glass is to secure additional privacy from prying eyes, but one-way glass improperly framed and/or improperly installed has the opposite effect.

Glass Experts Repair Your One-Way Glass

Because you selected and placed a special order for one-way glass to use throughout your home, it would be very difficult for you to replace or repair any broken glass. Unless you also went out of your way to purchase bullet-proof one-way glass, the glass you have can break and crack just as easily as regular glass in any window. When it does, you will need help from the same glass installation experts that located, purchased, framed and installed your windows and/or doors. Another contractor might be able to locate new pieces of one-way glass for you, but he or she might not be able to cut and fit the new glass into the frames of the old glass.

Glass Experts Can Explain the Laws Regarding Specialty Glass

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to purchase and install specialty glass, e.g., one-way glass, darkened glass, etc. There may be exceptions to the rules that only a glass expert would know. Contact a professional glass installation company, like Custom Glass Mirror Image LLC, to help you understand the laws and apply for special permission to purchase and install specialty glass.