glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse
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glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse

One thing that I loved about my house when we bought it three years ago was the greenhouse in the yard. I knew that it needed a lot of work, but knew that I would eventually get around to making the repairs and would have a wonderful greenhouse to spend my free time in. I had to do some research to find out about replacing the glass panels that had been broken over the years. I wanted to be sure that the glass I was installing wasn't going to stop the sun's nutrients from reaching the plants and that the glass would be durable and last for many years. If you are building or repairing a greenhouse, visit through my blog to learn all about the glass that should be used.


glass needed for constructing or repairing a greenhouse

3 Reasons Eco-Conscious And Healthy People Are Switching To Glass Shower Doors

Vicente Morales

If you currently use a shower curtain in your stand-up shower or surrounding your bath tub, then you may replace it over and over without even thinking about it. Shower curtains, and especially plastic curtain liners, aren't made to last long before tearing or becoming covered in mildew.

Before it becomes time to replace your curtain again, think about these three reasons why Eco-conscious and health-conscious people are replacing their use-and-toss shower curtains with glass shower doors:

1. Plastic Curtains Emit Toxic VOCs

Have you ever noticed that whenever you open a new shower curtain package, there is a distinct smell to the plastic curtain? The smell may be so strong that you don't want to go into your bathroom right after putting your new curtain up. Your brain knows what it is doing by signalling you to stay away from the seemingly neutral smell, because that vapor is actually very harmful for you to inhale. 

The curtain is emitting VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, that are not all that different from toxic paint or glue fumes. Most shower curtains are made of PVC, and this material emits compounds called dioxins. The compounds smell the strongest when you first install the curtain, but they are continually emitted as the curtain heats up during hot showers. 

Glass shower doors emit no VOCs, so you never have to worry about your family breathing in toxic fumes every time they shower or even walk into the bathroom. 

2. They then Pollute the Earth's Water Supplies

Since plastic shower curtains are relatively cheap, many people opt to throw them out when they get dirty or start breeding mildew, which they are prone to do. That means that a household may throw out several shower curtains each year, and the toxic curtains then end up in landfills. 

PVC doesn't stop emitting toxic chemicals when it is thrown out, but it instead then begins to leach chemicals into the soil that then travel into water supplies. 

Aside from leaching chemicals, landfills are already overflowing and every shower curtain thrown out contributes to that problem. You rarely have to replace glass shower doors, and since glass is a renewable resource, it can then be recycled over and over again when you are done using it. 

3. Glass is More Hygienic Than Any Type of Shower Curtain

No matter what type of shower curtain you use in your home, they are all breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Water hangs onto their surfaces for long periods of time, especially if you have family members prone to leaving curtains scrunched up at the end of every shower. This creates perfect nooks and crannies of a warm, moist environment for mildew and even staphylococcus and e. coli bacteria to breed. 

Glass is naturally mold and mildew resistant, and it can be cleaned very easily with just a swipe of a paper towel and a little white vinegar. 

If you have shower curtains in your home, then you should think twice about replacing them with new curtains next time you throw them out. Consult with a shower door installation expert to see if glass shower doors can be added to your existing showers and bath tubs.

Contact a company such as Alabama Glass Works Inc. to learn more.